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About Queech Woodland Activities

We are a family that want to protect and manage this small piece of ancient woodland so it can live on for another 500 years more. By opening this amazing space up we hope to educate and inspire the next generation to how vital our ancient woodlands are, not just to us now but to our ancestors for hundreds of years before us and those that will come hundreds of years after us. Our lives will be but the blink of an eye to those tall unmoving trees that tower above the carpet of wood anemone and blue bells down below.


The Story

A truly remarkable place filled with life and excitement, the old wood coppice stools some thriving some dead, the flash of green as a woodpecker darts through a clearing after you hear its call in the canopy, wondering who lives in that freshly dug hole that has appeared overnight on the woodland floor. All this captivates my imagination excites my senses and has started me on a journey. Like our ancestors did I want to live from and work this land, we will have no running water, produce no landfill waste and even our composting toilet facilities will be food for the trees in time. Alongside the more conventional activities we will run to get people immersed into this wonderful woodland world the land will be managed in a traditional way.  Providing a sustainable timber source; for the crafts being taught and practised on site, also for wildlife and with an eye to the future. I want to leave behind not only a better place but a few more people with the insight and passion to protect and maintain these amazing outdoor spaces.

The Team

Neil Speariett

Neil Speariett

Director and Instructor

Neil is a Woodland Activity Leader, Archery Instructor, and holds the Youth Proficiency Scheme Air Rifle Award. He is First Aid trained and DBS checked with numerous coaching and instructor awards across a wide array of activities. After a career of teaching, coaching, managing and mentoring sporting and outdoor activities he now brings his experience, enthusiasm, and passion for the great outdoors to Queech Woodland activities.

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"We all had a fantastic time, kids and adult loved it"

Andy Johnson

"Book it my grandson loved it"

John Cocker

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