Welcome to Queech Woodland Activities

A small family run business whose aim is to make the woods an accessible and enjoyable place for people of all ages to come relax, have fun, and learn a little along the way.

Born from our love of Queech Wood in Barham just outside Ipswich, we think this stunning 5-acre woodland site is just perfect, with its meandering path that draws you into a wonderful woodland world full of life and excitement.

After seeing the joy and happiness that being in the woods brought to our own young family and friends, we embarked on a journey to make these same experiences we have and are still having available to all.


Featured Activities

We offer a variety of activities for all ages. Some will be regular sessions such as Little Saplings forest school or our try out Archery and Air Rifles. Other more bespoke activities such as parties, bush craft, campfire cooking and woodland crafts will be advertised when they become available.  If you have an idea and would like to discuss what is possible then please do get in touch.

Little Saplings

If you want to experience the joy and excitement of woodland play  with your pre school toddler come along to our Little Saplings woodland play sessions.

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Woodland Crafts

From reindeers to bird boxes, spoons to rustic stools there’s something for everyone to do.

Birthday Parties

We offer parties for all ages take a look and see.


Archery & Air rifles

Try your hand at Archery and Air rifle activities on our woodland range.

About Queech Woodland Activities

What we are about

Our dream is to bring this ancient woodland back to life. A place as amazing as this needs to be enjoyed, managed and protected. We aim to strike a balance between what the wood and wildlife need with the need to let people explore and learn about these amazing spaces to inspire their champions of the future.

What have we been doing

Over the last year we have been clearing Laurel from the woods as they had been suffocating new growth. We now have a much more open woodland that can hopefully thrive with the extra light and space. We have also planted over 450 new trees in over a kilometre of hedge row to add more habitat for the wildlife.

What are we doing next

Now we have given the woods room to breath we can make a management plan. We know that we will likely lose the majority of our Ash trees from die back so will be looking at where to plant up new Oak, Lime and Sweet chestnut to replace them. Also we need to take out some smaller trees to give existing oak the room they need to grow while looking at how best to start coppicing the woods again for our sustainable timber source.


We offer a number of set activity parties, Archery, Air Rifle and campfire cooking all based around a 2 hour party with up to 12 children at a cost of £200. We can also offer bespoke packages. For example, Archery in the morning then build a shelter and fire to cook your lunch before trying your hand at Air Rifle shooting or making a birdbox to take home in the afternoon. Even come and enjoy an afternoon tea and glass of bubbly in the woods with your friends on your Wedding Anniversary.

Where we are

Queech woodland Activities – Information about where we are and how to find us.

Where we are

You find us just outside Ipswich in Barham, we are close to Claydon and Stowmarket.


Here you will find our latest gallery photo’s of people enjoying all the activities we offer.

Map of the woodland.

The woodland is about 5 acres with a path leading from the car park to the main clearing.

Contact Us.

 For more information or to discuss bookings please call Neil on 07941 009256

Campfire Cooking

Whether it’s a jacket potato baking in the embers with a pot of chilli bubbling away on top, hot dogs and burgers, bread on a stick, flat breads, and curry or just a roasted marshmallow between two chocolate biscuits we will try it all, and somehow it all seems to taste better out in the woods. We offer campfire cooking parties and on some of our woodland craft and other experience’s we will also build lunch into the day.


Works day out

If you’re an employer or employee that’s looking to reinvigorate or reward your team then why not bring them to a woodland activity day. It is well proven that being in the woods help reduce stress, improve your mood, and can aid our creativity and let’s not forget that it’s not just kids that can have fun in the woods. Whether you just want to host a team meeting round a fire with tea and cake or would like to spend a day here soaking up the atmosphere while you take part in an Archery competition or make a rustic stool for the office. Get in touch and let us make it happen. 

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Lets Nurture their love for Nature

“Children who spent time in green spaces between the ages of seven and twelve tend to think of nature as magical. As adults they are the people most likely to be indignant about lack of nature protection, while those who have had no such experience tend to regard nature as hostile or irrelevant and are indifferent to its loss. By expurgating nature from children’s lives we are depriving the environment of its champions for the future.” Isabelle Tree.

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"We all had a fantastic time, kids and adult loved it"

Andy Johnson

"Book it my grandson loved it"

John Cocker

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Queech Wood Limited
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Contact Number: 07941009256